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1.  THE PAYROLL: This unit is responsible for handling of the University and associated units payroll, ensuring prompt payment of Staff salaries.

2.  THE TREASURY:This unit is responsible for the maintenance of cash account operations including process of payment vouchers and other financial instruments relating to cash.

3.  THE STUDENTS ACCOUNT:This unit monitors the income /inflows coordinates all students financial matters like school fee payment, refunds, keeping records of student debtors, checking the financial status of various students account amongst others.

4.  THE EXPENDITURE ACCOUNT:This unit involves processing of cheques, transfers and other financial instruments to the point of payment, signing of cheques, preparation of cheques register, handling of cash advance and retirement. Transactions in this unit undergo prepayment audit by Internal Audit Department of the University.

5.   FIXED ASSET ACCOUNT:This unit is required to monitor the huge commitment of fund by the University in asset acquisition, registration, maintenance and disposal of University vehicles and other fixed assets, maintenance of fixed asset register.

6.   THE FINAL ACCOUNT & ELECTRONIC DATA PROCESSING:Involves consolidation of all activities of the department and presentation of management trial balance, income statement, statement of financial position and performance of major accounting functions. This unit also deals with collections of bank statement, reconciliation of all accounts, and presentation of bank reconciliation statement, liaise with bank on abnormal bank charges/errors discovered during reconciliation exercise. The EDP is responsible for the electronic data processing and generation of data for financial statement.

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